Young Man Sees An Elderly Neighbor Struggling To Cut Her Lawn. Now Watch What He Does Next and How Come I Consider Him My New Hero!?

Lawn Care

Speaking hypothetically – in a case you find yourself in a position/situation, to be able to ask this young fellow named Rodney Smith Jr. why is he cutting other people’s lawns for, we bet that his answer would be “because he can” (we’re not coming up with it, but the boy has already used this phrase on numerous occasions, connected with this subject). And, to be perfectly honest – who (and WHY) could come up with a better reasoning? I surely hadn’t heard one, nor can think of any.

We’re all aware (although sometimes/many times, we ‘forget’ about it – consciously or not) that there is a quite of number of people out there, who have trouble with mobility as a result of whatever reason, then single moms with no time to do it… you name it! People from all walks of life, who simply cannot do this (seemingly) easy task. And that’s how Rodney figured out that he might as well help the community, while living in/with it.

So, this young fellow sets his mind to the following goal – to cut 100 lawns! However, he reached that number in a ‘blink of an eye’, so he just kept on going.

Nowadays he runs Raising Men Lawn Care Service and the service he provides and the lessons he teaches are so amazing I’m in awe. What an incredible guy.

Check out the video below and you’ll see what we mean w3hen we say, he’s our new hero…