“You Shall Not Pass Human!” Watch This Guy’s Trouble With The Cat, Who Won’t Let Him Go Downstairs! LOL

Mean Cat

I’m sure that the ones amongst you, who are watching us on a regular basis, remember on some of those videos when a dog is scared to go from one part of the house to another, because the cat is standing there and won’t let him pass, right?! Well, as you are going to see in the following clip, the dogs are not the only creatures who could get (truly) scared (actually, terrified of the felines, when they’re in a bad, or a protective mood), but the humans as well!

We do not know what’s the real reason why this cat isn’t allowing the guy to pass it by and go down the stairs (whether the guy is a complete stranger and the cat is deep in a role of protecting the home when the owners aren’t there, or there’s some kind of big beef between the two of them), but it really doesn’t matter. The point is that the human stands zero chances of passing by this cat, and whole scene is totally hilarious!

Check it out!