Woman Hits Gas Pedal Instead Of Brake and Drives On Top Of Restored 1959 Corvette! LOL

Crashed 1959 Corvette

There are moments in life – like this one – when a person doesn’t really know whether to laugh, or to cry! I guess it all depends on which side of the situation (the damage) you find yourself into. Or in a case if you are totally uninvolved, then you’d be probably smiling – either ‘deep’ behind the surface, or out in the open!

Well, this last ‘scenario’ definitely was not the case for one Florida public official, who was unfortunate enough to be doing a little shopping at Walmart, whilst his meticulously restored 1959 Corvette was crushed by another vehicle in the parking lot.

Crashed 1959 Corvette

The aftermath was captured on video and posted to Facebook by Jason Motz (unfortunately, the clip is no longer available, so we’ll have to settle only with the photos of the aftermath) who explained that an elderly female driver was cutting through the parking lot when she realized she was heading toward the Corvette, which was parked off to one side of the lot. The woman was said to have hit the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal.

The woman’s Ford ended up climbing up onto the vintage car at an angle and causing quite a bit of damage to the classic beauty.