Watch This Clip and Learn What Sound Engineers Actually Do In Nowadays Pop Music! LOL


When it comes to today’s pop music, I’m sure that there’s many of you who will agree (especially the ones who are a bit older, at last 30, and above….) that compared to a couple of decades ago, the quality has rapidly and significantly nosedived.

I mean, we constantly get to see totally not-talented people, who mainly look physically good, who are ruling the top charts. And when it comes to those very rare moments, when they have to perform live, it often gets visible from a mile away, that they’re just lip syncing, and that there’s not even an S from a genuine singing.

That’s why we’re showing you this funny, but (even) terrifyingly real clip, which gives a truly good explanation why is that! Thus, have a look at it, and have a few laughs. Of course, do not forget to share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, if you believe that it should be seen by more people!