Warm Up Your Hearts With These Pets, Who Are Crazy About Their Toy Friends!

Toy Friends

We all want the best for our beloved pets and tend to buy them a lot of toys and accessories. Still, even having endless amounts of “animal stuff” doesn’t prevent our pets from having “that one toy”. Scientists give different explanations for such close bonds, from maternity to hunting instincts. Regardless of the actual reason, watching our pets with their favourite toys is so touching and amusing!

So, we have prepared a compilation of the most adorable pets who are totally crazy about their toy friends!

“A family friend recently got a pet rat – here’s a photo of it curled up on her bed with its favourite bear.”
Toy Friends

This birdie must be dreaming of having a chocolate baby parrot when “sitting” on this egg.Toy Friends

“Happiness is a 99-cent Ikea stuffed mouse.”Toy Friends

Playing together leads to having a nap together.Toy Friends

“Don’t touch it, it’s mine!”Toy Friends

“Rafael napping with Raphael…”Toy Friends

It’s true that best friends often start looking alike, right?Toy Friends

Fluffy dreams to all of you!Toy Friends

“Me and my buddy look really alike, huh?”Toy Friends

“They’re all mine?”Toy Friends

“Goodnight, I love you!”Toy Friends

Do your pets have their “one and only” toy friend? Share your photos and thoughts in comments!