Wacky Felines Who ‘Failed’ At Being Cats! LOL

Wacky Felines

Cats have been one of mankind’s closest allies over the years and we’ve learned a lot from them. Sometimes, you have to wonder what cats have learned from us. After all, we occasionally see a cat who thinks they could be a person.

So, we’ve collected images of some of the silliest cats, who haven’t quite mastered being a cat yet. Don’t forget to check out our bonus, that shows some cats are better off being a little different.

Pay no attention to us humans.Wacky Felines

Please turn on the hot water for me?Wacky Felines

There’s always time for a wink.Wacky Felines

Hang paw, little buddy.Wacky Felines

Somebody needs to learn to share the blanket.Wacky Felines

How many cats does it take to change a light bulb?!”Wacky Felines

Looking for those coupons for tuna…Wacky Felines

Yup. There’s your problem!”Wacky Felines

Somebody’s been sleeping in my bed…Wacky Felines

We need to pick-up some more catnip!”Wacky Felines

Can you even tell the difference?Wacky Felines

Do you know any cats who haven’t figured out the whole “being a cat” thing? Let us know!