Robert De Niro Tells Graduating Art Students: “You’re F***ed”!

Robert De Niro

You made it,” actor Robert De Niro told New York University’s Tisch School of the Artsgraduates on Friday. “And you’re f***ed.”

De Niro goes on to explain to the college graduates why he knows ‘they are f***ed.’ He runs through a list of other careers that require college degrees. Dentistry, Accounting, Teaching, Law and so on. He advised the NYU art students that all those graduates will have jobs as soon as they graduate. Art students however…will not and will simply be envious of those folk.

It was a wonderful speech made by a very successful, humorous man who, besides the comedic portion of the speech, did offer wonderful advice to the graduates.

If you want to watch and listen to the whole speech Mr. De Niro gave, check out THIS video!