People Choose Free Candy Bar Over Free 10oz Bar Of Silver (Worth $150). Can You Believe THIS Level Of Ignorance?!


Maybe some of you, who are following us on a regular basis (but many of you on your own as well), will recognize the American journalist, YouTuber, and author, Mark Dice, who’s based in the Californian city of San Diego, and who often makes this type of videos, trying to show just how ignorant his countrymen had become in the last decades.

After creating numerous video surveys, in which he showed us how much the Americans (especially the ‘big time’ liberals from California) are totally ignorant, even when it comes to the most basic and common knowledge, associated with the current events in their own country and the world, or how much they’re totally uneducated about the most important moments from their own history (like not knowing why are they celebrating the 4th of July, or when and where did 9/11 happened, etc.), today Mark has prepared something a bit different for us (and for his Californian neighbours), but nevertheless, the final result is absolutely the same. It shows us the utter stupidity (I’m sorry, but, we ran out of polite words) of the average and everyday Americans.

Namely, in this social experiment, people are stopped on the street and told that they have the choice between a free king size Hershey bar, or a ten ounce bar of pure silver. The choice is theirs and they can easily walk away with a bar of silver valued at roughly $150, or a candy bar valued at only $1.20.

Knowing what can we expect from these everyday Californians, we knew that the final results would be quite expected. However, we were totally dumbfounded, because not a single person took the silver. Not one!

Most people said that they didn’t have use for the silver. Ironically, the experiment was conducted right outside a gold and silver coin shop, where they BUY SILVER!

Check it out, it is absolutely ridiculous. You can buy a lot of Hershey’s for $150!

What would you choose?