No One Could’ve Resist These Street Musicians’ Rendition Of Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway To Heaven”, So Everyone Joined In & Created ‘Something’ That’ll Definitely Give You The Goosebumps!

Stairway To Heaven

There is a very good reason why musicians perform on the streets, and the following video clip is probably one of the best proofs about its beauty, and the unique communications between the musicians and the people passing by, or rather, their authentic audience.

Of course, this is a very good organized event called “Hitparade”, that took place in the German city of Mainz. Meaning, it’s far from a ‘spontaneous’ gathering of just music lovers who happen to be (accidentally) passing the streets, and a few musicians who got there to earn some money, while doing what they love and know how to do, the best!

But nevertheless, as you could’ve read in the title, it’s definitely one of the most touching renditions of Led Zeppelin’s classic we’d seen performed in a street, that will definitely stir up the emotions to all of you, who know what a truly good and quality music is!

Check it out and enjoy!