Here Are Several Sights, We Aren’t Even Sure They Can Be Explained! LOL


Science is still trying to describe facts that are unexplainable, and we suspect we’d need a real scientist to explain some of the pics in the selection below. They don’t understand dark matter, but maybe they’ll be able to explain fire coming from a tap.

There are situations we wouldn’t believe happened if they weren’t photographed. We are bringing you a selection that will keep you wondering how that’s possible and probably make you smile.

Chick magnet!

I’ll join you guys in a minute, just need to check my balance.Sights

Don’t bend over during a panoramic photo.Sights

Because, who needs privacy, right?Sights

When you try to get cold water on tap in the summertime:Sights

Should I stay or should I go?Sights

Hurry up, my friend! There are people in Rivendell waiting for us.Sights

Gonna grab a quick bite and then I’m ready.Sights

But… how?

That’s gonna hurt tomorrow, friend.Sights

To heck with Gotham, I’ll eat what I want.Sights

This is US (smile) when our office gets too dirty, and we need to change the workspace for only a week.

And this is us again, when our boss decides to treat us with a working weekend in nature!Sights