False Values That Modern Society Imposes On Us!

False Values

In childhood, it seemed to us that when we grow up, we will get an opportunity to do what we really want. However, in reality, it turns out that everyone around us has an interest in our life – parents demand we have grandchildren, friends give advice on opening your own business, while the manufacturers of various goods want you to be wearing a leopard skirt and owning the 10th iPhone this season. And every other person is ready to tell us how we’re supposed to live because “it’s important” or “everybody does it.”

Perhaps, at moments, we are all a little shy about discussing this but almost all of us get trapped in these psychological tricks at least once. As a result, we start to think along these patterns that were intrusively placed into our heads.

“A successful person should have a car, an apartment, and the latest iPhone.”

False Values

Today’s society actively promotes life for the sake of pleasure that should be gotten mainly from consuming: purchasing new gadgets, trendy perfumes, or non-stick frying pans. At the same time, they impose on us a model for our children’s behavior who want to get a new toy right here and right now.And it doesn’t matter that once you purchase the latest iPhone you’ll have to eat instant noodles for 6 months, and that an expensive car will mostly sit in a garage because its owner won’t have enough money for its service.

“Why should I be inferior to a celebrity?”

False Values

Today, psychologists outline this phenomenon as the imitation of other social groups’ style of living. In other words, these are attempts to imitate TV stars and businessmen who have the money to support any whim.

But a girl from a rural town or suburb will probably not have enough money for a real haute couture dress, a vacation in the Maldives, or for a breast augmentation at an expensive Swiss clinic. The problem lies in the fact that she will subconsciously be considering herself as inferior to some diva from a magazine cover and will build a huge inferiority complex as she gets older.

“I can’t live without Instagram”

False Values

The situation is quite simple here – the more beautiful photos you have on social media, the more successful and simply better your life seems. Psychologists have another opinion on that: they believe that people who love to show off their life have developing narcissistic features, while the visitors to their accounts may start suffering from envy and even sink into a depression.

“Bring me my first million.”

False Values

Many of us are not ready to slowly climb the career ladder and gain the reputation of a seasoned specialist. Because of the desire for quick success imposed by society, people are never going to become professionals in their business. They shift from one job to another hoping that somewhere they will finally get honored and make enormous money without much experience.

“Where did you go this year?”

False Values

How embarrassing is it to say that you didn’t go anywhere. Or that you’ve spent your vacation in Italy for the 5th time in a row. Or that you booked all-inclusive package at a Turkish hotel again and rolled from the beach to the buffet for 2 weeks.

All this happens due to an unexpectedly raised trend in traveling and an unspoken competition about who has visited more countries. A vacation in India, a weekend in France, a business trip in the Maldives – all this is to get the maximum amount of likes and to post beautiful photos on Instagram.

“The main thing is your comfort. Other people’s problems don’t relate to you.”

False Values

It might seem that there is nothing more simple and more natural than giving a helping hand to a person who needs it, but the times of responsive people are over and have been overtaken by the trend of people being indifferent to their surroundings.