Daredevil’s Last Jump! Footage Captures Stuntman’s Deadly Fall From Skyscraper…


The act of free climbing large structures and doing dangerous maneuvers on top of skyscrapers has become a viral sensation over the last few years.

Those with nerves of steal have attempted some of the craziest, most dangerous stunts – thousands of feet in the air – just for social media views. Sadly, not all of these hardcore adrenaline junkies always complete the crazy stunts. Mistakes happen and a stupid high rise stunt can quickly turn into a life or death situation.

That was the case when a recent dare devil attempted to dangle from the top of a skyscraper. He lost his footing and was unable to recover, sadly falling to his death.

Wu Yongning became famous in China by free-climbing and doing other dangerous stunts without nets, or other safety equipment.

He posted his death-defying feats to Chinese social network Weibo, where people became enamored by his recklessness and bravery.


Unfortunately, his latest stunt may have gone terribly wrong. After his girlfriend confirmed his death, new, disturbing video claims to show the moment he fell from a tall building in Beijing.