Adorable Kids Who Nailed It Better Than Adults!

Adorable Kids

Some wise person once said that 90% of parenting is just thinking about when you can lie down again. Still, we all know about, have, or even were these kids with old souls who seem to have completely figured out this whole “adulting” thing.

For this article, we put together a collection of kids’ photos that show them dipping their toes into the dark waters of adulthood.

“Come on, Mom. I’m going to be late for work!”Adorable Kids

After a long and tiring day in pre-K:Adorable Kids

Who wore it better?Adorable Kids

“Please, repeat after me.”Adorable Kids

You can get it for less from the store across the street.Adorable Kids

When you were born into a family of athletes:Adorable Kids

The most important thing about doing the dishes is putting on an apron.Adorable Kids

When you want to do everything that adults do:Adorable Kids

When your son’s about to give you a pink slip:Adorable Kids

A cane like that just screams, “gentleman”.Adorable Kids

Do you know any other kids or babies who appear wise beyond their years? Let us know!