A Florida Teen Tried To Kiss A Cottonmouth Snake, and Of Course, Ended Up With A Lip Full Of Venom!

Kiss Cottonmouth Snake

Austin Lane Hatfield, 18, attempted to kiss a Cottonmouth snake in Florida recently, the result…a lip full of venom and a swollen face!

So it is told, the teen is an avid snake lover and found this Cottonmouth while out swimming. He brought the snake back to his girlfriends house in a pillow case. At one point, Hatfield attempted to kiss the snake, where it bit him on the lip, injecting Hatfield with a very toxic and potentially deadly amount of venom. Hatfield’s face immediately swelled up like a balloon. Yikes!

Moral of the story…don’t kiss snakes.

Hatfield may also face criminal charges because it is illegal to take a Cottonmouth from the wild without a permit.