8 Secrets Women Keep From Men!


Women could be very faithful creatures – in various ways. For example, a woman could give you her heart and her body, but there are certain things a woman will always keep from the man she’s in a relationship with. In other words, some of these women keep these secrets in the vault for a reason, primarily as a way to spare your feelings, or in other cases, because they’re too scared to admit the truth, open up and tell you what’s truly ‘hiding’ in their minds.

So, today we are going to ‘reveal’ to you eight of the most common secrets which most of the women keep hidden from the men in their lives.

1. They think about s*x (with you!) a lot

Women want s*x far more than we’ve been allowed to believe. Sometimes they’re just too shy to share their most erotic thoughts and graphic fantasies with you.

2. They still check up on their exes


Women regularly check in on what their exes are up to via social networking sites. As long as we have the technology, they will never be fully out of our lives or minds. This doesn’t mean they still love them; they’re just curious and are hoping they rot in eternal loneliness.

3. Their feelings about your family

Even if a woman doesn’t like her partner’s family, she will never verbalize that because she doesn’t want to jeopardize their relationship and she also doesn’t want to hurt her loved one’s feelings. Most women will simply avoid being around them whenever they can.

4. They save mementos from past relationships

Most women are not still crying over that douche bag who cheated … but they are saving that first love letter they received when they were 16 for memories of their younger days.

5. They occasionally make up excuses to avoid s*x

Women are constantly finding new ways to delicately sidestep having to engage in ultimate pleasure between the sheets. Don’t let it hurt your ego. Yes they love you and want to get it on with you, but not every time you are ready to go.


6. They fake orgasms from time to time

Yes, women do indeed fake orgasms, and have been doing so for quite some time now! A woman is always looking to please her man, and faking an orgasm can put a smile on his face and boost his ego at the same time.

7. They are nervous about commitment, too

Commitment-phobia is considered more of a male trait; however, most women are also scared of devoting their lives to someone in a committed relationship.

8. They don’t want to hear about your past relationships

The last thing women want to hear about are intimate details about your exes.