7 Halloween Costumes You Won’t Believe Were Actually Invented!

Halloween Costumes

In a way, it feels like the more we progress as a society, the less there is to invent. After all, we have computers so small they fit in our pockets, vacuum cleaners that move themselves, and all the nutrition of a regular meal packed into a beverage – and that’s just in America. Don’t even get us started on what’s available in Japan.

So, as autumn rolls in and apple-bobbing grown-ups are beginning to think up their Halloween outfits, we’ve compiled some of the strangest costumes you won’t believe were actually invented. They range from trendy to straight-up offensive, with a lot of trashy in the mix.

This list will confirm the notion that just because a concept was approved, it doesn’t necessarily make the idea behind it a good one. Or at the very least, it’ll leave you scratching your head, thinking WT actual F?!

Woman’s Ghosted CostumeHalloween Costumes

Adult Chinese Gentleman CostumeHalloween Costumes

Sexy Handmaid CostumeHalloween Costumes

Sexy Burka CostumeHalloween Costumes

Pregnant Kylie Jenner CostumeHalloween Costumes

Native American Hottie CostumeHalloween Costumes

Ugly Halloween SweaterHalloween Costumes